British Drama Movies - The Secret Place - 1957 Film  from Old Drama Movies

British Drama Movies - The Secret Place - 1957 Film from Old Drama Movies

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 The Secret Place is a 1957 British crime filmlifetime movie|classic movie|British Drama MoviesInformation sources: Lee as Molly WilsonRonald Lewis as Gerry CarterMichael Brooke as Freddie HaywoodMichael Gwynn as Steve WarringGeoffrey Keen as Mr. HaywoodDavid McCallum as Mike WilsonMaureen Pryor as Mrs. HaywoodGeorge Selway as PaddyGeorge A. Cooper as HarryPlot Drama MovieCrime heist melodrama set in the bombed out East End of London. A diamond robbery is masterminded by small-time crooks, and an adolescent boy finds himself unwittingly caught up in events, after discovering they've hidden the loot in his home.In East London, young Freddie Hatwood has a crush on kiosk attendant Molly Wilson, who is engaged to Gerry Garter. Gerry is part of a criminal gang who had a hide out at car dealership; Molly's brother Mike works there.Gerry, Mike and their friend Steve are planning a diamond robbery. They need a policeman's uniform. Molly asks Freddie to borrow the uniform of his policeman father.The robber goes ahead. Gerry hides the diamonds inside Molly's record player. Not knowing this, Molly gives the player to Freddie as a thank you gift. Freddie discovers the diamonds and the gang go after him. Comments:
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