The Mighty Four  from Kevin Jenkins

The Mighty Four from Kevin Jenkins

Year: 2018
Authors: Kevin Jenkins
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0 seconds 720 Please subscribe if you like the content!!!The Mighty Four (1977)AKA: Si Da Mang Long (original title); Bruce Against the Odds; Big Boss 2; Lone Shaolin AvengerAction I DramaDirector: Kei Ying CheungStars: Casanova Wong, Yeung Wai, Carrie Lee Ying-Ying, Bruce Cheung Mong , Gwak Mu-Seong, Nam Chung-Yat & Elton ChongPLOT:Chia Ling studies martial arts with a renowned sifu, hoping to become a master of the Magic Kicks Technique. His plan is to use to ancient move to annihilate the evil agents who have destroyed his life by killing his parents and kidnapping his fiancée. Comments:
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